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Q. How do I find the right veil for me?

A. The style of your dress and the formality of the ceremony should determine the length of the veil. A full gown with a long train worn for a church wedding might call for a cathedral veil, while a tea-length dress at a simple outdoor ceremony pairs better with a flyaway veil. Check these out for more ideas!

This veil just covers the face, the length ranges from anywhere between eight inches to 18 inches. This is a vintage style—absolutely fabulous! This wonderful veil is from Leah C. Couture Millinery, which features many bridal accessories including beautifully bold and yet elegant headpieces, flowers, feathers, and hats that transcend mere popular fads. You can't go wrong with Leah!

Many veils would hide the extensive back of a gown in endless tulle, but a flyaway veil offsets it instead--I love how understated this veil adds the smallest of detail to a beautiful gown with an fabulous open back. This veil is also from Leah C. Couture Millinery.

The bouffant veil, which rises above the bride's head in a cloud of tulle, was popular in the 1950s. It was usually paired with a prominent headpiece, such as a tiara or a high satin headband. Today's bouffants are more understated and worn without a headpiece for a cleaner, more modern look. This tea-length gown from Melissa Sweet is a perfect match to the veil!
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The bride traditionally covers her face with the blusher, a short veil that extends below the chin but usually drops no farther than the waist. Typically the bride’s father would raise the blusher layer as she is handed off to her husband-to-be. Most brides wear it for a dramatic entrance, but some churches require it so I would check with your officiant.
Gown and veil from Christos Bridal.

The lace mantilla is considered to be one of the most romantic veil styles. This veil can be any length, shoulder to cathedral and is usually custom designed. I found a great designer Kristen Elizabeth that offers many beautiful custom Mantilla veils.

The cathedral veil is the choice of royals, as well as any bride who dreams of looking like a fairy-tale princess. Extending at least 9 feet, though 25 isn't unheard of, it is usually a cascade of simple tulle and can also have three tiers to it--including the blusher, shoulder veil, and final train. Because of its volume, this veil needs the wide aisles of a cathedral (hence the name) and clever choreography on the part of the bride (as you see this runway bride carrying hers), and of course the assistance of at least one of her attendants is key. This beautiful gown and veil is from Christos Bridal.

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