Monday, August 11, 2008

studio olivine

Good morning and happy monday--wow, do i feel refreshed from this weekend!! i hope you all do as well :) and when we got back last night i was so excited to see some e-mails from a good friend of mine julie dutton from studio olivine about her latest invitation endeavor! i've been anxiously awaiting her newest designs and this one is just gorgeous. she's never one to disappoint!

my eye is always drawn to letterpress and handmade paper--there is nothing like it. and since i am not the letterpress expert, i wanted her to share with you her vision and process for this invite:

So these were a really fun project. Their wedding theme is Damask. So everything relates to that pattern in some way. They came to me and said they wanted Damask, but nothing that was flowery. So I hit the fabric store and got some inspiration. They really wanted something inclusive, so I decided to design this as a folder with a pocket. The large plum colored pattern was printed with one giant wood block letterpress plate. The pockets were scored and glued on the corners by Elisabeth (my helper) and I. Then on the invitation, I used a pale lilac wash version of the Damask placed behind the text so that people's eyes would get a chance to breathe a bit, but everything would still be tied together. The rsvp cards were stuffed into the pockets. Total this took 9 different letterpress plates. There were 200 invitations, so that means that it took a total of 1,800 times through the letterpress to finish the project. Two full days of work. A labor of love, indeed.

i hope we will see more of studio olivine's designs soon! thanks so much, julie!!

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