Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bread & butter boutique

ooh, ladies! i have fallen in love with bread & butter boutique on etsy! i can't even remember how i came across this wonderful artist, but i am so thankful i did. and even better? she has another shop at honey & milk where there is tons more of her work. her artistry and earthy tones are so calming and wonderfully inspiring. such a great gift idea or even perfect jewelry for the bohemian bride in all of us :)

and if any of you are in the portland area--yes, she is a local artist! even better!--she is having an open house coming this september 26-27:

Honey & Milk Open House & Studio Sale
833 SE Main, Suite 426
(the whole building is having the annual open house!)

1 comment:

Julie said...

I am friends with Tay, the artist. She is amazing! Just last week I ordered that gold locket necklace with the leaves and am picking it up friday. You have good taste!

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