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amy-jo tatum: trends for now and beyond

amy-jo is back with some more fashion advice. monday, she gave us an insider look at the 2009 trends: what's new and trendy. great feminine touches and wonderfully draped fabrics that any bride would look gorgeous in. but this time let's take a peak at the timeless looks that fit any season as well as the fashion world's newest creations...

Trends: Now and Beyond
Aside from all those surprises New York Fashion Week brought us there are some looks from seasons past still making their way down the 2009 runways. I call this classic fashion, the stuff that's still with us and still hot . . .

{Joan Shum's strapless corset}

The Strapless Bodice-
It just won't go away, will it? It's like super-glued to every bride in the world. While not exactly phasing these out, some designers are adding their own touches to the strapless to give it some pizzazz. Designer Joan Shum's strapless bodices are more like corsetry, the design based on actual corset patterns (yes, she studied costume). Max Chaoul’s take on the strapless is pure romance, a bodice dappled in silk roses.

{Max Chaoul's strapless bodice dappled in rosettes}

{Natalia Misslin's lace gown}

The Classic Evening Gown-
2009 runway versions incorporate laces, jewels and feathers, some intricately decked out. Still, the barely adorned classic is as chic as ever, Think Carolyn Besette. Didn't she wear the classic of all classics when she and J.F.K. Jr. tied the knot? Why is it that same cut-on-the-bias crepe can be worn twelve years later and still look cutting edge? The popularity of her gown of course had to do with who was wearing it (we all know that) and possibly something else: her body-hugging simplicity was a refreshing change after so much pouf and paste found on the 1990's bridal racks. For brides in tip-top shape who like to strut trim bodies, Carolyn's is still an ideal look.

{Carolyn Besette's 1996 gown by Narciso Rodriguez}

2010 and Beyond-
We're going to be seeing a lot more alternative looks come 2010. Bridal wear has expanded its sphere so much in the past twenty years thanks to the brides bold enough to create their own direction. Though shades of white will always be traditional for brides, look for more color and prints over the next few years. I think we'll see some real surprises in headgear too. So much of the direction fashion takes is global now. Personally I love the bridal designs coming out of The UK and Paris. Irish designer Yvonne Cotty of the Bonzie label is bringing in a Steam Punk meets Victorian look; Edinburgh's Natalia Misslin is working with bias cuts and magnificent fabrics reflective of the 1930s.

{Prints and color are two fashion trends likely to become part of the bridal scene in 2010. Above left and right are Max Chaoul's magnificent gowns}

If Beijing Fashion Week 2007 is any kind of barometer, China is definitely going through a major fashion awakening. I'm referring to Beijing designer, Guo Pei, whose exaggerated creations below rocked the runways last November.


True, her gowns mimic dreams and might make it to a museum before the back of any actual person, but her pieces are indeed works of art worthy of some serious study. Whether China and its handful of designers like Guo Pei become leaders in setting trends or just make a name in quintessential fashion theatre is still very much the open question . . .

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uber said...

It will be interesting to see how these fancy designer gowns get 'translated' when others begin to create their bridal fashion lines.

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