Friday, October 24, 2008

gown friday: giambattista valli trunk show

oh yes! it's friday :) i cannot believe it's almost the end of october...seriously, either time is going faster or i am getting old. okay, i'll go with time going faster. anyway, besides the point, because i am so excited (and jealous) to announce the exclusive giambattista valli trunk show at bergdorf goodman october 28th & 29th. giambattista valli is debuting his spring 2009 bridal collection and his gowns will only be avaliable at bergdorf goodman.

the bridal salon is located on the store’s seventh floor and offers a full range of services for the bride-to-be and 12 european and american designer bridal gown collections. this is the place to be! oh, if only portland was like new york...well, at least we could have a bergdorf goodman so i could go to the trunk show :) again, besides the point. this has to be one of my favorite collections for spring 2009--in july i featured his gowns, but i cannot resist showing them again with some gowns i did not have access to. love them, love them!!! i hope you take full advantage of this exclusive trunk show and reserve your spot today.

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