Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a modern romance

hello, hello! today we have a reader question i would like to share with you. this comes from dana from long island:

I am a little troubled about my colors and I wondered if you might be able to help. Im having our monogram made with our 3 main colors - black, off white and magenta. Our style is very romantic, yet modern. I would love it if you could give me some idea as to other accent colors that I might be able to incorporate successfully.

most brides have one or two colors they love and then draw a blank on how to incorporate a fuller, more colorful pallet into their wedding. for dana's wedding, she wants it to have a modern feel and it's important to keep the basic details of the modern look: simplicity of style and minimalism. i suggested to leave a stark contrast between the white, black, and fuchsia. crisp, clean finishes of white linens and black chair covers along with fuchsia flowers would really stand out.

to add the element of romance there is nothing more gorgeous than big, full bodied flowers like peonies and cabbage roses in all shades of pink. magenta, light pink and anything in between, these flowers are fantastically romantic and will give great depth to her decor.

crystal chandeliers and a swanky sofa seating area are all fabulously modern. she can couple this with dramatic black, full length strapless, slimming bridesmaid dresses and silhouette portraits of dana and her husband-to-be would really bring this modern romance together!

what do you think? have any suggestions for our lovely dana? she has been such a joy to correspond with and i know she would love to hear what you guys think!

{oh, and by the way, i have no idea why my inspiration boards have been so much smaller than usual. i haven't changed my settings on illustrator but it seems that blogger is different--eh! i get so frustrated because i really have such limited knowledge on all this blogging stuff...all that to say, if you click on the image it will get much bigger for you! so sorry.}

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