Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sugar cakes

i found these precious and playful cakes from sugar the other day. so cute! and they have so many other designs for any kind of occasion. it makes me want to order one for my son's next birthday!

so i don't know how you all feel about grooms cakes...i know they are definitely not a must, but it can add such a wonderful touch of your personality to your reception. plus, what groom doesn't like a little extra cake prepared just with him in mind?

my husband played college football for oregon state university and for my wedding i wanted to surprise him with a cake shaped as his jersey. simple right? so i went to a great bakery and ordered it all up. i was so excited to surprise him. so when the cake returned from the bakery the day of the wedding and i saw the finished product, i was horrified to see in front of me some thing that looked like a toddler pasted together with their hands. ehh!! i couldn't believe it. so terribly disappointed in not only the well established bakery i trusted, but also the fact i waisted money on it! needless to say, it did not make it to the ceremony...

but! when i saw these grooms cakes at sugar i was thrilled! such great ideas and just the perfect jersey cake :)

1 comment:

Täni said...

Perfect Tiffany Box blue - these cakes are incredible!

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