Monday, January 5, 2009

new look!

morning! i feel like life is really supposed to begin again today. holidays officially and finally over, my husband at work for a full week, and weddings back in full force! if you haven't noticed already, my wonderful blog designer kelly has added some tabs to my blog so you can see what exactly what weddings fresh is all about. thank you, thank you, kelly!!

though i don't talk much about it, i am a wedding planner here in portland, oregon, and the owner of weddings fresh. we provide all kinds of brides with perfectly tailored services to meet their specific needs for their wedding day. so now you can check us out, contact us, and meet brides who have experienced weddings fresh on their wedding day, right here on weddings fresh blog! so excited!! it's still in the works and much more will be added, including pictures (maybe even some of me and my wedding :)), so keep checking in for more!

and yes, i am prego and soon to be expecting our second son in the next 6 weeks or so (wow, it's gone fast!!), so this summer is basically booked already, but i am still taking weddings for winter 2009 and beyond! drop me a note and i would love to have coffee, discuss your visions and we will get to it!

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