Friday, May 22, 2009

gown friday!

{pnina tornai}

okay ladies, i must confess i am in desperate need of wedding gown inspiration! eh! so i am asking you for your help! any suggestions, gowns, designers, or trends that you want to see, i would love your ideas and your help! so please leave me a comment or e-mail me and tell me what you want!! please!

so for today, i leave with you two gowns that i absolutely love (both of which i found via bride chic--she's so good!). seemingly quite different but to me they represent a certain traditional, idealistic bride--a modern romance if you will. and the gown below, oh my!! i have always loved gowns with sleeves. they must be done with good taste, but the gown below is so unbelievable romantic and well, just reminds me of grace kelley--and i would have loved to be that kind of bride :)

i hope you enjoy your three day weekend--it's a long time coming for us and i am sure for you all as well. next week weddings fresh will be featuring posts from the talented arin of zinke design as we celebrate our summer kick-off week! so excited to see the summer trends and inspiration arin has for us!

{white chocolate label by scott corridan}


august15bride said...

I'm a sucker for big, fabulous trains on wedding dresses. I'd love to see some on your Gown Fridays!

LPC said...

How about doing some research on the modest wedding/LDS sites? Since it's so hard to find sleeves anywhere else? And those dresses can get pretty darn poufy and fun...

lisa said...

LOOOVE the dress with the sleeves too.
You could look on etsy for dress designers. Some are a little unconventional, but it puts a spotlight on custom and original dressmakers. We even have a few right here in good old Portland.

Cote de Texas said...

the second dress really speaks to me = more than the first. love them both though.

thank you so much for your comment too!!!


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