Thursday, May 28, 2009

summer kick-off week: farewell zinke design!

{Photo via Christopher Micaud}

Now that summer's officially kicked off, we want to hear about your summer adventures and what styles you'll be musing under the sun. So post a comment about your favorite summer style, tradition, outfit, trip, wedding locale and don't leave any details out.

Thank you, Weddings Fresh, for having me - I so adore the daily charm Weddings Fresh brings to our blogging world.

Hope to be back soon. Cheers.
Arin - Zinke Design


Couture Carrie said...

Love that photo!
A spa beach vay-cay sounds good to me right about now!


LPC said...

Tall cold glasses of fresh lemonade with sprigs of mint. Or made the Vietnamese/French way, with fresh lemon juice, ice cubes and sugar on the bottom of the glass and a can of club soda on the side.

Dani @ Weddings Fresh said...

a spa beach vacation always sounds like a good idea :) and i will definitely have to try the Vietnamese/French style of fresh lemonade--that sounds wonderful!

for me...wide leg, low-rise, linen pants paired with a fitted T and any excuse to get out side and sun bathe in the perfect northwest summer sun are two of my favorites! for this year i have to add watching my little guy have the time of his life on our swing-set :)

bridechic said...

Just got back from Las Vegas. There's a trend for long hostess gowns worn in the day time out and about town. I adore this trend and predict next season many in Calif and tropical climes will be wearing eyelet and micro-fiber like I saw.

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