Friday, June 5, 2009

Gown Friday!

{pnina tornai}

A couple weeks back I pleaded with you readers for some wedding gown inspiration or ideas and I thank all of you who wrote or commented about ideas--thank you, I greatly appreciate it! So for today, I am featuring "fabulous trains" as requested by august15 bride. Inevitably black tie and Princess Diana come to mind when most think about fabulous trains, and rightly so. Long trains go hand-in-hand with ball gowns adorned in opulent details, but there are many other styles designers attach this mark of lavish femininity.

With that said, today I have showcased an array of gown styles and designers with cathedral or chapel length trains (though it may not be obvious in the image). And what exactly does cathedral and chapel mean? Well, here is a quick overview:

Sweep - This is a shortest type of train. It gently sweeps the floor and is normally only a few inches longer than the gown itself, about 8" to 12" in length.

Court - extends about 3 feet (about 1 yard) from the waist.

Chapel - extends approximately 4 feet from the waist.

Cathedral – extends approximately 9 feet from the waist.

Royal - This train type measures 9 feet or more from the waist. This is when you think Princess Diana and pray for lots of bridesmaids to care for your safety!

Hope this helps and enjoy your Friday!

{jenny lee}

{matthew christopher}

{fabio gritti}

{fabio gritti}


{pallas athena}

{peter langner}

{reva mivasagar}

{sposa by st. pucci}

{san patrick}


{st. pucci}

{amalia cararra}


august15bride said...

Love it! Thanks! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous and informative post, D! Love the Peter Langner!


InaiĆ” Sant'Ana said...

Hi... I'm Brazilian and I just love your blog!!! Everything is amazing!!!

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