Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Registry Made Easy!

Good morning, ladies! I haven't touched on the subject of bridal registries on Weddings Fresh as of yet mainly because I am not here to tell you what you should or shouldn't ask for. Though there are obviously the mainstays of the bridal wish-list, for example, dishware, flatware, china, bed and bath linens, but beyond this it's usually dependent upon the couple and their specific needs and wants. What I have found to be the hardest part of the process is not choosing the items but narrowing the stores down to 2 or 3 to keep list as guest-friendly as possible! There are almost too many options out there now that the Internet has defied all boundaries of state lines and store availability, and given way to an endless smorgasbord of goodies to choose!

I absolutely love this luxury and why not take full advantage of it, right?! How you may ask? Wishpot. Have you heard yet? I am sure you’ve seen their little icons and features pop up here and there on blogs and web sites, but do you know what happens when you use their free registry service? The ease and accessibility of the world wide web is brought directly to the fingertips of your wedding guest and your dreams can be brought to fruition :) Okay, I may be overly excited about this, and no, I am not getting paid to promote Wishpot (promise!), but this is such a great resource I would hate to pass up this opportunity to tell you. (I used their services for my recent baby shower list--so perfect!). So, enough from me, check it out yourself.

Here are some of Wishpot’s great features:

-You’re not limited to one store! The bride and groom can select items from any retailer on the web.
-You can select specific items to receive price comparisons and sale alerts – meaning you’re saving your guests $$!
-You can consult Wishpot’s wedding experts for gift ideas & tips or even consult other registered couples!
-It is extremely user-friendly—anyone can figure it out!
-Oh, and it’s absolutely free!

And since I am giving my two-cents about registries, can I stress the importance of choosing wisely when it comes to your dishware. I did not register for china. Sometimes I wish I would have but when it all came down to it there were so many other items we really needed and wanted more than an extra set of dishes we may or may not have room for or time to use. We did however need fabulous dishes. My style: simple elegance. So my first inclination was white. And it just so happens to be that white dishware is chic and perfect for any occasion. I know, the colors, patterns, flowers, polka-dots—whatever else, looks so fun and exciting in the store but the versatility and longevity of a good, white place setting can never be outdone. You can make these as casual or formal as you want with table cloths, napkins, and tablescapes. I just recently had a friend come to me asking why I didn’t tell her not to go for colored dishes, as she was helping me set our dinning room table. I told her I was so sorry! And that I should definitely address this on my blog :)


Victory Bird said...

Thanks for the tip! I imagined something that pulled from the entire web existed, and this is just what we were looking for!

Anonymous said...

There's another gift registry website just like this one. I used for my wedding. It's pretty free and lets you do pretty much the same as wishpot, just a little different kind of environment. I think these online registries rock because they don't limit you and I don;t have time to run to stores anyway.

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