Friday, July 31, 2009

gown friday!

happy, hot friday! so the other day i found this lovely little designer boutique downtown the in pearl called Olivia Belle, and it just so happens that they have inherited the spring 2009 nicole miller bridal collection! fabulous! but that is not all. not only does she have it in her store, BUT it's at sample sale prices of 50% off!! oh dear, please, all you Portland brides, get down there and check this out!

i met the owner, Lindsay, while i was in the store and she says they can order any dress if you are interested in others as well (though you don't get the killer sample sale, but a killer nicole miller bridal gown). and to top all this off, the entire designer boutique is all at amazing 30% off prices as well. lindsay's style is so chic, she has really done a wonderful job creating a fabulous boutique!

well, as you can guess, here is the spring 2009 nicole miller bridal collection! enjoy your weekend...and i am off to more potty training... :)

{image source}


Anonymous said...

I have been in love with so many of the nicole miller 09 bridal collection. i wish i could afford one of these for my summer wedding next year. so sad that i cant.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the 4th dress! SO gorgeous!!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Beautiful collection! I'm loving the first one for it's classy cut and that beautiful neckline!

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