Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the perfect swimsuit!

good morning and hello summer! it's supposed to be HOT this week in portland!

so here it is the perfect suit--well, that is for me at least ;) this swimsuit is from j. crew (oh dear, almost all of the ones i own are from there...boring? maybe, but it's me :)) and i just recently purchased and received it in the mail, and i have to tell you it's amazing!! the fabric is to die for and the fit is perfect--covering all necessary areas (booty included) but it doesn't look like a granny suit if you understand me...and it's so flattering!!! oh my, yes, i am this excited about a swimsuit, and no, i don't usually have this kind of success, thus i had to share it with you :) oh, and the color! i forgot about the color, i got it in dark fog (see above)--just happens to be one of my favorite colors right now--love it, love it!

so all you soon-to-be honeymooners, get to it by those HOT little numbers (as a lot of them are on sale right now) and show off your stuff :)


LPC said...

That is the greatest swimsuit I have ever seen. Especially for those of us who are not terribly top-heavy.

Dani @ Weddings Fresh said...

ah yes, a great point i forgot to mention! for those of you wonderfully blessed women with more on top, it could be quite the sexy ensemble, but for those like me (and LPC apparently :)) this is still EXTREMELY flattering!!

Sharpiegirl said...

Every time I scroll down to see if I missed something I see that swimsuit top and I think it is a purse....jeez..

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