Thursday, November 5, 2009

DIY Wedding Ideas

{paper magnolias--gorgeous!}

budget is always going to be the one element in planning a wedding no one really wants to deal with, but let's be honest, budget couldn't be more important than it is right now. here are some fun and really beautifully creative ways to create your own wedding decor--without spending the big-bucks! and remember, anything you personally create for your wedding is going to be unique to you and your celebration--a statement about you and your husband-to-be, so go for it!


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...
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Anonymous said...

great post dani! love it! that I Spy game is too cute.

adecco said...

The cupcake tower looks fascinating. I love it. It’s a great desert display.

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Compare said...

Amazing wedding ideas, thanks for the suggestions. It really is very helpful.

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