Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Sweet Wonderland

have you seen Alice in Wonderland yet? oh, it was good, ladies! my hubbie and i saw the other weekend and absolutely loved it. so captivating--i definitely want to see it again so i can find all the details and crazy dialogue i missed the first time--Johnny Depp was amazing!

design has been taken down the same magical journey into Alice's Wonderland, as runways, couture, home & hotel decor and of course weddings have popped up all over the place with whimsically fashioned creations in all sorts of crazy colors, disorienting patterns and fanciful embellishments in large proportions. i personally would shy away from the sort of dark, twisted tone of Tim Burton's take on this tale for a wedding. but if you are as inspired as the rest of us are by the mad hatter tea party, this cake could bring a sweeter (ha!) element to your wedding than some crazed rabbit with a tendency to throw dishes at you (as seen in the movie :)). the detailing is exquisite, don't you think?! add teacups, baby's breath & cherry blossoms, embroidered table cloths, antique clocks and even fanciful hats to your decor and you've joined the party!

for more of this cake and other lovely ideas check out this issue of Utterly Engaged!


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