Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trendspotting: Flowers in Your Hair

good morning! i'm sorry i miss you guys yesterday, my family and i are getting ready to move in the next couple of weeks and we have been trying to tie up the loose ends with our new house. so excited but there is a lot to do!!! and we just so happen to be leaving town on thursday--everything seems to happen at once, doesn't it?! so i will be absent on Friday but i have a special Gown Friday for tomorrow!!

i love these creative hair accessories from Poppies & Posies. especially the succulent--so organic and so fresh! i used real flowers in my hair for my own wedding. i loved the fact it was not only less expensive (ya!) but it really added a romantic touch to my look. i chose the Gardenia because it was a beautiful, full white flower. and i bought two to keep them looking fresh for my pictures & ceremony as well as the reception. i was a little nervous because it was 100 degrees that day, but they both held up perfectly! are you wearing flowers in your hair??

{Floral Designs by Poppies & Posies}
{Photography by Jen Huang Photography}
{Models: Erica Lubitz, Ellen Totten, & Jasmine Johnson
{images via Wedding Chicks}

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