Tuesday, July 6, 2010

J. Crew

what a lovely weekend, don't you think? so relaxing! yesterday i stopped into J. Crew. i am attending a bridal shower in the next couple of weeks and was hoping to find a cute, flirty dress to wear. i grabbed a bunch, because everything in the store practically was made for me (he!) and i bought the dress you see above and the one below. i must say, the strapless dress above is not nearly as flattering and cute in this picture as i feel in it personally. i absolutely love it, plus it has pockets! ...yes, you might notice they are both grey...well, i have this thing, almost everything i have in my closet is grey, navy, white, or grey and white striped. i really don't know why i am so drawn to these colors but i stick with it because it complements my skin color :) the dress below is so unbelievably soft and comfortable i had to buy it! i truly will be able to wear it everywhere--perfect for running around with the kids in the summer, don't you think? so the best part about this whole thing? they were not only both on sale but there was an extra 20% off of sale yesterday so it was a major score!

it feels good to get a deal. especially when you are expecting one! now, one more thing...i of course adore all of these dresses or i wouldn't be showing them, but i also tried on the beautiful pale yellow & lilac watercolor, fleurette bustier dress. can i just say: gorgeous! i am so in love i can't stop thinking about it...ooh, i want it! wonderfully feminine & fresh, i would recommend it anyone who has a medium to smaller bust and especially if you are needing help defining a waistline. all of you straight up and down gals would totally benefit from the cut of this dress. perfection!


Jacey Anne Haek said...

Dani! The top dress is my bridesmaid dress! Cute dresses - love J Crew. -Jacey

mary said...

i will vouch for the top dress too! i bought it in ivory for my husband's winging and it is so cute on-- here's a post i did about it: http://tulipsandflightsuits.squarespace.com/tulips-flight-suits/2010/5/25/oh-jcrew.html
p.s. i also was won over by the pockets :)

Dani @ Weddings Fresh said...

jacey, are you serious?! that's awesome! you and your girlies are going to look so goood! can't wait for your wedding--it's coming so soon!!!

Brancoprata said...

So perfect for Summer!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! love the asymmetrical neck lines, the champagne and the floral print... lovely!

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