Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to wear...

It's the New Year and that means spring clothes have hit the racks!  It's a nice reminder that some day soon we will be out of this freezing weather and into lightweight khaki pants, cuffed jean shorts and wedge sandals!  But top on my list of what to wear this spring/summer season:  stripes.  I'm going nautical this year.  I have at least 4 tops with stripes already and I see no stopping me in acquiring this fabulous striped sailor sweater from J. Crew.  A timeless piece with a modern slouchy fit and utilitarian style rolled cuffs--so chic and wonderfully classic.  You can't go wrong with stripes! (and no, horizontal stripes don't make you look fat!)


Josie @ said...

Bring Spring on now!

Juliet said...

That's the cutest sweater!

juliet xxx

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