Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What to wear...Target designer collections

It has been a gift from above having international designers such as Rodarte, Thakoon, & Zac Posen bring their genius to the masses at incredibly affordable prices to our local Target stores.  If you are one who has been unaware of this gift it may be due to the high speeds at which these pieces are bought up off the racks. But it has just been announced that 34 of the most popular designs will be re-released for our buying pleasure on March 13th!  So if you missed them the first time around or you want to buy multiples for your bridal party, get out there and scoop them up--all for under $50!!!

{Images: Fashionista}



I'm not embarrassed to say that Target is one of my favorite places to shop... For clothes & anything else I need.

Koru Kate said...

Wow! I did miss these cuties the first time around. Thanks for the heads up- March 13 is marked for shopping :-)

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