Monday, March 28, 2011

Loving...hanging baubles!

Good morning!  I'm always on the lookout for fresh ways to pretty-up outdoor spaces, and I've fallen for this one!  Gorgeous glass baubles (or they could plastic which would be much lighter) that mimic the look of hanging light bulbs, but to soften the modern feel of the bulbs, a little flower is perfectly placed in each one.  Hanging these from trees would give the effect of airy bubbles floating around in your reception or ceremony--so magical!

{Image: Tana Photography via Style Me Pretty}


Josie @ said...

This are by FAR my favorite wedding decor. Love.

katarzyna said...

They are actually REAL LIGHT BULBS that have been "gutted" :)

Dani @ Weddings Fresh said...

Oh that is so awesome!
Did you make them? I should list you on my post if you did!

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