Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Wedding Shoot

There is something alluring about a rustic, outdoor wedding filled with the simplest of touches.  Old country charm, homemade desserts, fresh garden flowers and an ancient over grown tree in the midst of a far reaching field...what is it that draws us in?  I think it's all about home. Reminders that life's littlest of things, like strawberry short cake and an old wooden table, give us a sense of family and bring us together in the most comforting of ways.  This lovely inspiration shoot from The Nouveau Romantics shot by The Nichols brings to life these homespun emotions in a beautiful way.


Event Design and Florals- The Nouveau Romantics

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1 comment:

sarah{thegreendandelion} said...

so pretty!!!i love everything about this beautiful shoot... thanks for sharing!

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