Thursday, May 26, 2011

J.Crew Swim

This weekend I am braving the yearly search for a bathing suit. I've been scoping out a couple of my favorites online this week and I have landed at the same place I always do: The Crew. I am so predictable when it comes to suits. Colors: blue, grey and white. Pattern: stripes, polka dots or anything that resembles them. Fit: comfortable but still fresh and young. Style: classic. How many suits do I have that already have polka dots on them? It's not worth the embarrassment of sharing. But do I stop looking at them? Of course not. Each year they are just different enough to call my name again and again...Brides, I know you're on the hunt too and I would steer you toward my alma mater, J. Crew. They never disappoint. Look smokin' on your honeymoon and skip the trendy metallics and crazy sequins, or the disappearing seats of bikini bottoms. Go with fresh sophistication :)

My two favorites?  The Marina-striped ring bandeau suit and The Annik-stripe string bikini.  In LOVE.  I wish they carried more swim wear at their stores...

{Images: J.Crew}

1 comment:

Kristin H said...

I just started my diet... gotta wear these bikinis and something just happened to my body these last weeks...Excuse me!!
Have a fab bikini day!

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