Monday, July 28, 2008

a little announcement...

i hope your weekend was wonderful! mine was so wonderful. and isn't centerpiece wonderful? i just love the colors. i found this on blum design in flowers blog. i love it when i discover new vendors in portland!

so i guess i have a little announcement to make this morning...i've been waiting to spill the beans for a while, but i was trying to wait a little bit before i started to talk about it...well, i'm prego! yep, that's right again :) i understand that i don't really talk too much about my personal life here on weddings fresh, but i am married to a fabulous man and have a 9.5 month old son. and yes, my children will be very close in age (17 months apart to be exact), but we are excited to grow our family! the hardest part about this right now is just how sick i have been. to be honest, my sporadic posting and, as i am so sorry to admit, the quality of my posts have been so-so because it is so hard to do anything but take care of my son in the morning in between trips to the bathroom and laying down--eehhh!! :) but, i pray that it shall soon be over. anyway, i hope you stay with me through this exciting time because i have tons more to do here on weddings fresh--and of course i will be keeping you updated on my new little one.

and since i am being "personal" today, i thought i would share the most adorable picture i have of my son right now :) one of my best friends, mindy strauss, who just so happens to be one of the most talented photographers i know, was watching my little guy the other day and snapped this shot.

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