Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Plum Party!

we all know that wedding supply sites can be slightly overwhelming and more likely than not, cheesy. it's hard to sift through all of the ruffles and tulle and pink bows to find that one item that may fit in with your day--in fact it's just plain so annoying sometimes, i don't know how you ladies can do it! but today, i have found a website called plum party. now of course you may not like everything you see, but i have to say it's my favorite one-stop-party-shop i have found! i'm even inspired to just throw a party of my own with some of their great ideas. the website is really easy to use and they even offer some of their own stylish tips to help. and how fabulous are those turquoise vases above? those are my absolute favorites! i've picked out a couple other items i thought were really great and fun to incorporate into your wedding:

succulent candle in a clay pot--so great for centerpieces!

bulb in a bag--i love this idea! something your guest can truly enjoy from season to season!

this pitcher is just classic for a vase or even just keeping iced tea & lemonade available on the tables. i love the simplicity and the charm!

these cylinder glow candles would add such a beautiful glow to a warm summer's evening.

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