Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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I'm back! Amy-Jo Tatum, editor of Bride Chic ready to dole out part 2 of the 'Small Chic Wedding' Series. Well, smaller, shorter weddings are sure a loaded subject. Today we're exploring the week day wedding. No longer considered the spontaneous events they once were, civil ceremonies or week-day weddings are going through new approval and popularity. Like the cocktail wedding, some couples simply prefer the ease of a short ceremony with a few friends and family present to share in the celebration. However, going simplier you're going to be dressing yourself differently than the traditional bride. Because civil weddings usually take place on weekdays when government offices are open to perform rites, chances are you’ll be in a street-length suit or dress—possibly white but it doesn’t have to be. Any color or length is fine as long as you look good in it and feel special. And though you’re not going all out as a bride, realize you’ll be dressing for a lifetime of shared memories via photos, possibly a video, so it’s worth the effort to opt for a few ‘bride’ touches here and there. Say you’re getting married at city hall followed by a luncheon in a nearby restaurant; you’ve chosen an ivory sheath dress and matching coat. Add a bird-cage or pouf veil and, voila! There’s your touch that says, ‘bride’.

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Finally, a word about the groom. For an informal wedding your groom can wear anything stylish from his best suit to something more laid-back like a navy sport coat or silk shirt and khakis. Clothing here follows the simplicity of the celebration, and one of the most important things you both need keep in mind is, informal weddings are brief and the attire though stylish and even elegant, is never formal. War brides of the 1940s had swift weddings with quick preparation out of necessity. Today couples are fortunate. The informal wedding is a choice having more to do with lifestyle and many times the belief, less is more…


Globetrottingbride said...

I love all these looks! Especially the first and next to last. Just gorgeous!

Malia Marie said...

I have loved and appreciated these two *small wedding* posts SO MUCH! It's really been helpful to add in my last little touches...I'm getting married on Saturday, on the beach, in Hawaii...it'll be just my groom, myself, and a few friends...and these have really helped! Thanks!

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